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I stayed at Avenues for 5 months. To say that Avenues saved my life would be a true but incomplete statement. It did save my life in the sense that I could not stop drinking before I checked myself in. I had been three times to three different long-term rehabs, and to so many five-day detox programs that I cannot count. Without family support I could not have afforded these treatments, but my family was at their wits end as to why I just could not stop drinking. I was baffled as well, and tearfully miserable. (As an aside, while narcotics are a part of my story, I had given them up over ten years ago and never looked back). I checked into Avenues and now I have been sober for 8 months and counting. More importantly, I am happy. I am more than sober. I cherish my sobriety like I cherish my children. I nurture it and watch it grow. I attend regular AA meetings and do service. Make no mistake I am not a religious man, and through schooling I have some professional training in psychology and cognitive behavioral techniques for making change. I find working the twelve steps of AA to be an effective and accessible cognitive behavioral technique for affecting change. I also find it to be a wonderful philosophy for lifelong practice and continual consideration. AA works for me, but Avenues never pushed it on me. Nor did Avenues introduce me to AA, but rather through attraction, and not promotion, it gave me assistance in learning how to love it. I think this is how Avenues works. The staff members are all in recovery themselves, and they all manage their recovery with success. They all live their lives in New York City, where I have been living (and for the last three years, dying). They all effectively face the daily challenges that I had been unable to manage without drinking (until everything fell apart, I had been a successful attorney for ten years). In the past, when I had departed in-patient rehabs, I had been blown apart by the challenges of living, thriving and surviving in the real world, and had relapsed right away. When I checked into Avenues I had hit rock bottom. They understood. They made me feel safe, and they gave me an agenda right away for going to meetings, seeing my children, and starting out in my life as I would like it to be, sober and in New York City. Now I regularly attend meetings, and I am a chair of a meeting at my home group. I have a sponsor and I am working my way through the steps. Avenues does not trumpet AA. Frankly all they want is for their clients to stay sober and find a way to get out of the house, and then come back sober and mentally o.k. If you are not both, they will ask you why and help you find a way to deal with it. They do not force you out of the house (and the house is beautiful and comfortable), but they create an atmosphere where you want to leave, and then you want to come home. I called it home for five months because it felt like home, though I kept my apartment on the Upper West Side (I am told this is not common practice, but it worked for me because it was important for me to see my children and my building has a playroom). When I left Avenues my pink cloud burst because of life events and also because I was living alone after having a 14-year marriage go up in smoke due largely to this disease. I leaned hard on Avenues through this difficult transition, and they were there for me 100%. They continue to be there for me. One thing I have realized in my recovery is that being there for other addicts somehow keeps me sober. In that vein, I am there for Avenues. P.S. As I write this, my sober friend is sitting with me and, though he has never been to Avenues nor met any of the staff, he says he wishes he could write a review for it too. A good one.

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